Tech EDGE India

The Project 

Tech EDGE India project collaborates with educational organizations in India and helps them achieve their goal of better educational practices. We guide our partners with student development, curriculum design, technology integration, and drafting engaging learner activities. We apply evidence based learning techniques and integrate problem/project-based learning in their learning spaces. We help design and set up digital learning spaces, along with our teacher training program. Tech Edge India utilizes innovative research in teaching, learning, and teacher education around the world and generates data for further modifications in the cross-cultural setting. This project provides resources for the design and delivery of 21st-century skills. We demonstrate and train our partners in open educational resources and facilitate periodic learning workshops on diverse topics. 

Being a sister project to Tech EDGE at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln this application-based research project has access to a great resource library of curriculum design, teaching pedagogies, technology integration, learner activities, social justice, and instructional design strategies which have proven positive effects on overall student development. This project would also allow our partners to work with professionals from Tech EDGE in finding ways to standardize educational practices in their setup, environment, and students' population. 

Tech Edge India Classroom
Tech Edge India Classroom with Instructor

We have been working with Parytan on designing and enhancing learning activities and digital learning spaces since December of 2020. We advise with their administration, website design, curriculum design, technology integration, and creating digital learning spaces. As our first project, we designed and set up a digital environment at the NGO where kids can participate in digital learning and discussions. The Digital learning room has opened the doors of studying in cohorts, which initiates discussions and reflections. These conversations have helped us get closer to one of our visions, making students reflective and creative thinkers. This setup has also allowed us to collaborate with teachers worldwide for our skill development project at Paryatan.   

Anil kasna, a mechanical engineer, is leading the NGO and the partnership with Tech EdGE India. Anil has a mission to provide all possible educational opportunities and resources to the community's students where he grew up. Anil has led this NGO since 2016 and has created a support team of locals in the Mil gate area of Hisar, Haryana. 

The Team

Guy Trainin

Dr. Guy Trainin is a professor of education program at the University of  Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). He focuses his research on technology integration arts integration and multiple literacies. Dr. Trainin has served as the external evaluator for Nebraska Reading First Grant for six years, two Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination grants focusing on Arts and Literacy in Elementary classrooms, and a number of professional learning grants with Omaha Public Schools as well as ESUs and smaller school districts around the state. He teaches pre-service teacher reading and language method courses as well as graduate courses in technology integration and literacy research. He is co-founder of the KDS Reading Center, past Elementary; Education Program Coordinator, and current Graduate Chair at the Department of Teaching, Learning, and  Teacher Education.


Mohit works as a Instructional Technology Specialist with the University of Nebraska and has a master's degree in teaching, learning, and teacher education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His research interests include technology literacy, the application of 21st-century teaching and learning practices in cross-cultural settings, technology integration in classrooms, and designing technology-led learning environments. As a community learning specialist, he designs and delivers kid coding and technology demonstration workshops. He is an advocate of free education policy and committed to making education accessible for all financial backgrounds. Mohit is passionate about increasing equity in education as a catalyst for social change.