About UNL Tech EDGE

UNL Tech EDGE is a partnership between Nebraska school districts and teacher education programs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Concordia University, Nebraska to define and implement best practices in using new literacies and 21st century technologies in the elementary classroom. With multiple literacy standards already in place in Nebraska it is critical that we work together in this time of reduced budgets to determine how to best teach students these skills necessary in a global, digital world. The partnership uses open lines of communication regarding what is happening with technology in schools currently, what we desire to have happen, and how to best reach these goals.  This project is infusing current best practices and research to existing teachers as well as teacher preparation programs to improve student learning, impacting teacher educators, master teachers who work with practicum or student teachers, as well as pre-service teachers. Necessary technology integration skills suggested by skilled practitioners along with research provided by education professors will be taught to teachers and professors in the partnership, enabling them to teach K-12 students and prepare pre-service teachers so everyone benefits from the partnership immediately.

Dr. Guy Trainin

Dr. Guy Trainin is a professor of education program at the University of  Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). He focuses his research in technology integration arts integration and multiple literacies. Dr. Trainin has served as the external evaluator for Nebraska Reading First Grant for s six years, two Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination grants focusing on Arts and Literacy in Elementary classrooms, and a number of professional learning grants with Omaha Public Schools as well as ESUs and smaller school districts around the state. He teaches pre-service teacher reading and language method courses as well as graduate courses in technology integration and literacy research. He is co-founder of the KDS Reading Center, past Elementary Education Program Coordinator, and current Graduate Chair at the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education.

Dr Laurie Friedrich

Dr. Laurie Friedrich teaches digital literacies in conjunction with literacy methods and coaches literacy practicum      pre-service teachers and their cooperating teachers in the education program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  She also facilitates technology integration for teachers in Lutheran  elementary schools in Nebraska through TEC21.  Dr. Friedrich focuses her research in the areas of new literacies, teacher professional learning, and technology  coaching. 

WHO WE ARE - The Partnership

Role of University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  1. Create the partnership
  2. Write and submit Improving Teacher Quality Grant proposal
  3. Create online Teacher Technology Survey
  4. Evaluate survey and present all findings
  5. Conduct interviews and observations of teachers effectively integrating technology
  6. Organize professional development meetings with teachers and university methods instructors
  7. Provide location for professional development meetings in Lincoln

Role of Concordia University, Nebraska

  1. Distribute online Teacher Technology Survey
  2. Organize professional development meetings with teachers and university methods instructors
  3. Provide location for professional development meetings in Seward and Lincoln

Role of partner schools/school districts that may be involved (Dorchester Public Schools, Lincoln Public Schools, Milford Public Schools, Seward Public Schools, St. John Lutheran School, Omaha Public Schools, and others):

  1. Share expertise on effective technology integration in elementary schools
  2. Allow Teacher Technology Survey to be distributed online to elementary teachers and encourage participation.
  3. Allow some identified exemplary teachers to be interviewed and a few to be observed teaching integrating technology.
  4. Allow some teachers to participate in the professional development days.     


Full Partner List

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: College of Education and Human Sciences, Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education
University of Nebraska-Lincoln: College of Arts & Sciences, English Department
Concordia University, Nebraska: College of Education
Banner County Schools
Lincoln Public Schools
Seward Elementary School
Milford Elementary School
Dorchester Elementary School
St. John Lutheran School
Concordia Academy, Omaha